Is your communication effective in every country?

​International cross-cultural site & campaign audit

International communication requires more than a translation of the original website. Connecting to the local culture, local legislation, and above all, communicating with different users from multiple cultural backgrounds require more.


Our Audit Checklist


  • International market – target country/countries
  • Competitors in target country/countries
  • International design check
  • Content and local impact of this content in target country
  • International SEO check
  • International PPC check
  • Other international channels ( social/email etc.)
  • Legal and privacy aspects
  • Analytics- What your data tells about your targeting audience and how to improve this.
  • Segment analysis on cross-cultural users.

International cross-cultural site and campaign audit

Bridging the intercultural gap

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Cross-Cultural Analytics

Do you want to know how your site is performing abroad? Or why your online performance is lagging?
The cross-cultural analysis gives you actionable insight into the influence of different cultural backgrounds on-site visits.

Export marketing, based on one-size-fits-all, causes at best a small result, at worst, a failure. Take cross-cultural differences into account and reduce your cost per acquisition.

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