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What we do

Global Topology

We provide our knowledge into your challenges and problems to flourish internationally.
Intercultural export marketing is not a one size fits all show. There are too many aspects to consider, and these vary for all your clients and markets. These challenges sound complicated, but in fact, we make them attainable for you. We provide the cultural context you need. 

Cross-Cultural  Toolboxes

Global Topology

International cross-border marketing cannot be done without good insight from cross-border data. Every negotiation and every sale involves people. And often they come from different cultures. The most important step is therefore to build mutual trust.
Using analytics data, you can gain insight into the behavior of visitors from different cultural backgrounds. By capitalizing on this and using the insights from the data to adjust communication and visitor flows, you can build trust at a much earlier stage. This will increase the quality of your leads.

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Digital Cross-Cultural Strategy

Road Map

The success of any digital strategy mainly depends on the people and the internal conditions on which it is based. Therefore, start your international path towards growth with a unique international digital strategy that applies to your organization.
We start by analyzing your data, competitors, marketing activities, and channels to understand your digital landscape fully.
We discuss future goals, possibilities, and impossibilities with the most important stakeholders (management & marketing team).
From here, we develop a strategy together with you. We show how you can grow from the existing situation to a future vision by taking advantage of cultural opportunities in digital marketing.
Of course, we also pay attention to a tactical and a measurement plan and train your team the necessary skills to keep up with cross-cultural marketing and analyses.


Running on data

Data is the thread running through all of this. There is an ocean full of data to dive into and combine this with your data. We translate the outcome into human behavior based on different cultural backgrounds and provide you with actionable insights.


Running mate

Global Topology can be your running mate for your international projects and campaigns. Need to get your staff trained with international and cross-cultural insights? We love to share our knowledge.


Become Future & Culture Proof!

Every company deserves a customized international marketing plan. After all, every company is unique or should be unique. And there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for all the countries you are trading with.
Every country has its specific cultural aspects, and you should target it with an appropriate marketing approach.
If you don’t respect the local cultural settings, you can’t flourish in any foreign market. Make an appointment to discuss your growth ambitions.

​We have come to know Global Topology as a highly expert and very reliable party in the field of international internet marketing. In the meantime we have successfully completed a number of international projects and set up other projects. Particularly the in-depth knowledge, but also the clear direct advice, have convinced us of the added value of Global Topology.

Erik de Boer

New Business Development Associates BV , Deventer / Singapore