Reframe the future


Reframe the future

Global Topology

The future starts with new adventures, looking at new horizons, expanding into new markets and growing in your existing markets. Our expert guide you through the pitfalls of intercultural marketing. We guide you along new roads, starting in developing intercultural marketing strategies. We travel alongside during the journey of tactics and getting things done.

Start your future now

Where to start and how? We at Global start with listening to you. What is your story? What are your dreams? But we also want to know more about the profane: what is your company about? What are your products. What research is already been done and what was the outcome? We have to know you before we can help you building a new client base in other cultures.

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Product market fit

Whether you sell goods, software or services, success depends on the product-market-fit. Starting to look across your home country borders is best to be done one country at a time. Learn from every new market to avoid mistakes in similar cultures.

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Go to market Strategy

Based on the outcome of your perfect-market-fit, we can help you with your market strategy for the country you are going to target. We will talk to you about your KPI’s for the new market and translate your wishes and products into a going-to-market strategy or an entrée-strategy. This digital market strategy will contain all the aspects needed for you launch: from website to SEO and PPC, from social to video and TV. We can also provide non-digital marketing with our international partners.

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Celebrate your successes, but even more important in a new market: Learn from your mistakes. Depending on the targeted country, we will analyse your data, translate this into intercultural human behaviour and actionable insights. Learning fast is a better way to success.

Understand your customer

Breaking through thinking patterns, dilemmas and compromises helps you to really map out and understand your target groups. Topology helps you identify deeper levels in which your customers can really identify themselves.
For this we lay a foundation based on people’s behavior, which can then be implemented in all marketing communications so that you really reach your customers and convince them.

From fragmentation to Growth

We often do a little bit of everything in our marketing. We miss the real focus. As a result, our marketing budgets thus become fragmented and campaigns cannot flourish as they should. Because of all those bits, we see fewer conversions and nothing can really grow successfully.
Due to too little focus and money, substantial opportunities for returns are lost. With a strategic plan for a process of permanent improvement, you lay out the foundation for long-term successful campaigns and the possibility of substantial growth.

Growing from scale-up to the top

You proved yourself in the start-up phase. Your services or products know their way to the market. Now you need to accelerate your growth. With Growth Hacking you have come a long way and have realised a nice ROI.
With Global Topology you can go further.
Efficiency improvements, geographical expansions are just a few more of the many challenges you will now face.
Your digital marketing and sales will have to adapt to larger and more diverse groups of new international customers and target audiences. Your revenue model may need to be expanded. Global Topology helps you on your way. We don’t just do that with advice, we also help you with the implementation and we train your staff.

How we work

Holistic approach 

Global Topology does not look at your market and business from one single point of view, but tries to get a broader perspective based on your customers. How do they think? Why do they come to you? We look for fallacies in your marketing process to bridge the gap.  All this with only one goal: to make your company grow exponentially.


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