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Geddy Van Elburg is an international keynote speaker on cross-cultural digital marketing and data driven culture.

“From my interest in the human side of analytics, I learned to understand the cultural differences in the countries around us. Therefore, the interpretation of international analytics data will always have to consider the different cultural perspectives.”

Below you’ll find a number of performances as a guest speaker:

Geddy Van Elburg



September 12th 
MKB Trade Office: Digital Online Marketing

June 20/21 2023 – Marketing Analytics Summit



 Marketing Analytics Summit  Cross Cultural Digital Analysis
June 2022 Las Vegas

Virtual  Marketing Analytics Summit: Cross Cultural Digital Analysis
March 2022

Rostock Connected Companies: Bridging cultural differences nov 2021

Snoobi Finland: Webinar GPDR 2021

Metaalunie: Webinar Digital business in Germany 2021

Webinar MKB Trade Office: Country special Sweden 2020

Presentation MKB Deventer: Scandinavia 2019

MOA Digital Analytics Congres oktober 2019

Women in Analytics Amsterdam 2018

Web Analytics Wednesdays Copenhagen 2018

Deventer grows Digital 2017 Opening keynote

Amsterdam Internationale digitale analisten door IHH Nordic 2017

Deventer Marktplaats 2017

Workshop Privacy met Auralie Pols tijdens  DAHub Berlin 2016

Geddy Van Elburg


Global Topology

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