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Grow Your Business with Export

From accidental export clients towards a global export strategy. With global marketing businesses can grow their export more successfull.

Exporting products abroad gives every business basically limitless market opportunities. The global market can be so huge, that for a small and medium-size company it is basically limitless.
Exporting to foreign markets can lower risks and can protect you from the downsides of your local market. This is a big advantage of exporting, which can save your business.
With an export marketing strategy and your analytics data you can discover more export opportunities and countries and grow your business even more.



Culture Based Global Marketing

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Creating digital cultural segments

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Training your staff

Market Research

Building trust in a cross-cultural marketing sales funnel

‘One size fits all’ is never enough

When developing a global brand marketing strategy you have to realise that every country, market, demographic and lifestyle is different. Using an ‘One Size Fits All’ approach will, at best strategy don’t hurt your business, but at the worst, you’ll could loose markets and clients.

Although many sales processes within a B2B environment are done by the salespeople/department, the whole process often begins at your website. This first stage of interaction on your site is the first phase in building trust. As in these sales processes, people will decide if they do business. Therefore personal preferences, and uncertainties based on cultural backgrounds, will play an essential role in the complete funnel, starting from the very first touchpoints.

  • Get insights about your global markets.
  • Start building trust in the earlier stages of your marketing and salesfunnel
  • Adapt to the demands of your different markets.
  • Segment your (web)analytics data!

How culture clusters help your international B2B company grow

Culture and data–driven marketing are two effective strategies to improve your export results. Cultural marketing is a way to use local culture to connect with potential customers and create compelling campaigns that resonate with them. It involves researching the target market and understanding its values, beliefs, and behaviours.
If you translate these insights effectively into your websites, you can use them to create campaigns tailored to the needs of your different customer’s needs and will likely be more successful. Data–driven marketing uses customer interactions and analytics data to create campaigns and strategies tailored to specific markets and customers. This allows for more effective targeting and optimisation of marketing efforts, resulting in better results. We know from research that people respond better to marketing messages tailored to their cultural background. 
By combining these two strategies, you can create culture tailored campaigns to target different markets and get more results out if it.


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