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Digital analysis in international settings

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Digital analytics is like the magic behind the scenes: it’s how you know if our global marketing is working as you expected.

Digital analytics is an underestimated toolkit for global (digital) marketing. It gives you a better understanding of your marketing performance and how to improve your online presence.
It helps your business to track website visitors, analyses user behaviour and engagement, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Web analytics lets you identify opportunities to optimise website performance and increase conversions.
By understanding your visitors’ behaviour from different parts of the world, marketers can tailor the content and campaigns to meet the needs of your target audience better. Additionally, you can use web analytics to track your marketing campaign’s return on investment and identify areas where they can improve.

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Global Topology is specialized in analytics and insights for international operating  businesses.

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Culture Cluster Segmentations

Analytics in your Global Marketing


Digital analytics should play a significant role in your global marketing. Based on the data your visitors leave behind, you’ll be able to get better insights on how your different markets are responding towards your communication.

Looking for new markets? Or testing new markets? Then your analytics tool can be your next best friend to help you decide what your next steps could be.

  • Get insights about your global markets.
  • Find new upcoming markets faster
  • Learn how to adapt your marketing towards different markets

Culture Cluster Segmentation

Exploring the Impact of Culture in Analytics Data

Culture and data–driven marketing are two effective strategies to improve your export results. Data–driven marketing uses customer interactions and analytics data to create campaigns and strategies tailored to specific markets and customers. This allows for more effective targeting and optimisation of marketing efforts, resulting in better results. By combining culture cluster segmentation strategy in your data-analysis-strategy, you can create campaigns tailored to your target markets which are more likely to succeed.


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