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01. Strategic

With a background in international digital marketing and analytics, Geddy works from a strategic approach.

02. Professional

With more than 23 years of experience as a digital marketeer and analist, I can help you with practical advise.

03. Loyal

Most of my clients stay for more than 5 years, some even over more than 15 years. 

Proven Success

Bridging the Culture Gap increases Results

Geddy van Elburg is considered an expert on cross cultural digital marketing and analytics. For years, she’s been working with global brands to audit their websites and marketing campaigns.
Her unique insights help companies identify missed business opportunities, Potential new markets, and ways to address them.
Recently, Geddy was hired by a large international corporation to audit their global website. After reviewing the company’s analytics data, Geddy identified a number of missed business opportunities. She also advised the company on ways to increase traffic to their global website from potential new markets. Thanks to Geddy’s expertise, the company was able to increase its profits and expand its reach into new markets.

Consultant & Practitioner

Work with an expert

I have worked in digital marketing and analytics for more than two decades. Most of my clients are operating internationally. Besides working with clients, I coached, mentored and trained companies and their staff in digital marketing and analytics.

As people all have a national cultural background, Global Topology is interested in discovering how this might influence their online behaviour, decisions, and buying patterns. There is no right or wrong in any different cultural behaviour. There is no better or worse. It is only different. Understanding these differences and how they influence the success of a business intrigues me.

Holistic approach

Global Topology does not look at your market and business from one single point of view, but tries to get a broader perspective based on your customers. How do they think? Why do they come to you? We look for fallacies in your marketing process to bridge the gap.  All this with only one goal: to make your company grow exponentially.

Keynote speaker & workshops

Geddy Van Elburg is an international keynote speaker on cross-cultural digital marketing and data driven culture. Here you’ll find a number of performances as a guest speaker:


“From my interest in the human side of analytics, I learned to understand the cultural differences in the countries around us. Therefore, the interpretation of international analytics data will always have to consider the different cultural perspectives.”


Marketing Analytics Summit  Cross-Cultural Digital Analysis a Practical Approach
June 2023 Las Vegas


MKB Trade Office: Workshop Digital Online Marketing
September 2022 Deventer

Marketing Analytics Summit  Cross Cultural Digital Analysis
June 2022 Las Vegas

Virtual  Marketing Analytics Summit: Cross Cultural Digital Analysis
March 2022

UnternehmerVerband Mecklenburg Vorpommern & Connected Companies: Bridging cultural differences
Rostock nov 2021

Webinar Snoobi Finland: Webinar GPDR 2021

Webinar Metaalunie: Webinar Digital business in Germany 2021

Webinar MKB Trade Office: Country special Sweden 2020

Presentation MKB Deventer: Scandinavia Deventer 2019

MOA Digital Analytics Congres oktober 2019

Women in Analytics Amsterdam 2018

Deventer grows Digital 2018 Webanalyse voor MKB

Web Analytics Wednesdays Copenhagen2018

Deventer grows Digital 2017 Opening keynote

Amsterdam Internationale digitale analisten door IHH Nordic 2017

Deventer Marktplaats 2017: Keynote on digital marketing

Workshop Privacy with Auralie Pols at DAHub  Berlin 2016

Some Clients I work or worked with

During a GO4EXPORT audit, Geddy van Elburg pointed out our missing opportunities in Germany.  Now, we have entered the German market and started growing our export market in unexpected ways.

Martin Bolderman

CEO, Sportverlichting BV

Geddy van Elburg is an expert on international, cross-cultural digital marketing and analytics. She has been providing insights on our websites and marketing campaigns for years. Her insights are based on analytics data, so she can identify missed business opportunities, potential new markets, and ways to address them.

Oscar Kolkhuis Tanke

CEO, Fawic Packaging BV

Fawic BV

Royal Duyvis Wiener BV

Texim Europe BV

Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe

Hortilife BV

Yilkins BV


Spoedzorg Rettung Euregio






Duschkraft GmbH

Krohne GmbH

Fresh Strawberry Ltd



Expovorm International


Brand Control Rooms


New Business Development Associates (NBDA)


RODOMACH Speciaalmachines B.V.



Universal Storage Containers ( USC)

Black Tie Media

Intense Wines


Peppink mills



Freshlight group


Global Topology co-works with partners

Digital and international marketing encompass more than just one single expertise. You need several people to achieve a good result. That is why Global Topology works with your team and other experts such as (web)designers, translators & transcribers.

MKB Trade Office

NL in Business



RAW label



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