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Analytics are at the core of everything we do. We centralise digital (marketing) data and provide actionable insights. Our clients are both B2B as well as B2C and e-commerce. Most of them operate internationally and are facing cross-boundary challenges such as multilingualism and cultural differences. We help them navigate their online presence, onto a global market.



Product market fit

To accelerate sales, you will have to address your customers core needs. Any business looking at export-opportunities, discuss their product-market-fit in the early stages of the project. 



For every digital marketeer Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an important tool in his or her toolbox. Making changes to your website and your campaigns driven by insights of your marketing data to optimize revenue and growth.

What we do

Global Topology

Intercultural export marketing is not a one size fits all show. There are too many aspects to consider and these vary for all our clients and markets. This sounds complicated, but in fact we make it attainable for you. Based on our knowledge, combined with our vast network of international experts, we provide exactly what you need.
From export strategy, product-market-fit to search engine marketing, international PPC and display campaigns, social media and influencers, CRO and more. It is all in our toolbox.



​​We have come to know Global Topology as a highly expert and very reliable party in the field of international internet marketing. In the meantime we have successfully completed a number of international projects and set up other projects. Particularly the in-depth knowledge, but also the clear direct advice, have convinced us of the added value of Global Topology.

Erik de Boer

New Business Development Associates BV , Deventer / Singapore